Sunday, May 18, 2014

Calling all FW Diplomats!

Hey guys, super short post today.

The community team is looking for some diplomats to interview for a future Community Spotlight, and they're looking to talk to diplos from all walks of Eve life. This of course includes those of us working the FW beat. I'd like to put forward a few people for CCP to choose from on this, but while I know plenty of folks on the Gallente side, and maybe a few for the Caldari, I'm nearly at a total loss for folks on the Minmatar/Amarr side.

As I'm the CSM rep for all factions, not just my own, I'd appreciate suggestions from fellow FW pilots as to who the most active and involved diplomats are in each of the factions so I can compile a short list and pass it on. One or more of you may find yourselves interviewed for this community spotlight.

Please leave suggestions (preferably along with a short blurb on what makes your suggestion interesting to talk to) either in comments below, or you can kick them to my Eve-Mail on DJ FunkyBacon in game. Ideally, I'd like to send along the name of at least one diplo per faction. Of course I can't guarantee all or any of you will get interviewed or featured, but be prepared to talk about what you do, and what makes being a diplo in FW unique from other areas of the game.


  1. Rina Kondur of Fweddit. Pinky Feldman, too. Susan Black of Late Night Alliance.

  2. Rina is an alliance leader afaik, susan is a blogger, and pretty sure she's not their diplo. There is a difference in roles there. Looking specifically for dilpomats, not just public faces.