Friday, February 8, 2013

There are no Dragons in Space

When I made the decision to start up a blog to cover my thoughts on Eve, I had many things cross my mind as topics to cover. Before I get to any of that stuff though, I think it'll be important to have something here, at the beginning, for people to reference and go back to when they are reading some convoluted post I make in the future, and they ask themselves, "Who the fuck IS this guy?!?!?!?!" 

Allow me to introduce myself for those not yet acquainted. You can call me FunkyBacon.

My existence before Eve is unimportant for the purposes of this blog, though there are a few Eve folks who were a part of those days. Its always amusing to run into "people from before" as many have changed their names from those days (White Tree of CSM 6 for example) while I have not.

I am not the only FunkyBacon to be found on the interwebs, there is one other. As far as I've been able to tell she lives somewhere in Florida, poached the YouTube FunkyBacon name, but I've managed to beat her to all the other ones that matter. A CCP employee found a FunkBacon posting on some forums related to some game about raising baby dragons... That was definitely not me. There are no dragons in space.

My eve career started in June of 2003. I spotted the box on a shelf at Walmart, it looked pretty badass, so I took it home and gave it a try. People talk about Eve's difficult learning curve all the time, and how its gotten a little better lately. Most of you guys have no idea. You've probably heard how kids used to have to walk up hill both ways to get to school in the days before school buses existed? Well that's what Eve was like back then. Here's your Velator, double click in space to move. Good Luck!

I remember a couple months into my Eve adventure when I finally got my first Thorax cruiser (still the latest combat ship commissioned by the Federation 10 years later) and hauled off like a badass to FD-MLJ. I remember feeling unbeatable with my 9 or 10 drones until I ran into that Mo0 gate camp and was instantly humbled.

I played eve for another year, then sold my account midway through 2004 (not against EULA at the time) thinking I was done. I kicked myself repeatedly when I came crawling back in January of 2005 and had to start all over again.
My 2nd time in went better, however. I knew what skills to train at least, and one afternoon I found a gentleman dropping cans named "shoot me for loots" outside Oursulaert 3 station. He was successfully convincing people the can was some sort of pinata of prizes, and looting their wrecks once Concord came to pop them. I had found my mentor!

I joined up with the can baiter and his cohorts. We had some fun in high sec for the next several days, our Kestrels loaded with cruise missiles, suicide ganking miners in high sec for giggles.

Then our sec status forced us to become proper pirates in low sec.

Our CEO did a great job making a name for us as feared pirate types, but then he got a girlfriend (they're married now) and he logged in less and less and we eventually all drifted apart.

I spent the next several months drifting in eve, took a couple months off, then came back. One otherwise boring afternoon in the summer of 2006 I was introduced to Eve Radio, and DJ Whitey. Man could that guy put on a show! I was hooked instantly and made sure I was there for his show every week for the fun. I found a couple other DJs I liked, and eventually got up the stones to apply to DJ myself.

The rest, as they say, is history. Since 2006 I've had thousands of hours of air time with ER. It has afforded me the opportunity for more "I was there" moments than I could count, from the fall of BoB, to a guy attempting extreme chest waxing for one of our talent shows, and landing in the hospital for 2 weeks.
I've gotten to chill with CCP devs and influential community members on Skype, interview Captain Dan the pirate rapper, and even hang out with Veto in Nashville for a weekend.

Meanwhile, my eve career has touched on almost every aspect of the game, from null sec sov wars, NPC null, high sec care bearing during the lulls, merc work, piracy, incursions, wormholes, and faction warfare. I have not touched a mining laser since 2004.

You could call me a jack of all trades, master of few, kind of guy.

These days, I lead a small Factional Warfare alliance full of merry men and women, constantly seeking good times and good fights. 

With Eve Radio's recent schedule change to a 2 hour format, we have to focus more on our various events and have less time for random Eve banter. I'm hopeful this blog will be a nice addendum to what we're doing, and allow me to expand upon many of our discussions, or even create new ones.

Thanks for joining me!

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