Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I'm Still Here El Guapo

Don't want anyone to think I've up and left or anything. The last 6 days or so in FW have been brutal in more ways than one, and with everything I've had to write lately pertaining to the Galente/Caldari war zone, TMC has been getting the nod on 4 straight.

For those of you that don't normally pay too much attention to TMC, I'll link the 3 in particular below. TEST finally joined the war today, I logged in for a few minutes, but after several late nights of FW and long days at a new job I started this week, I've decided to take the night off and curl up in bed with a good book until I pass out.

I'll be back in Eve tomorrow, and hopefully will have something Eve related but not really FW specific for you by the weekend... unless TEST sets Black Rise on fire, I make no promises on what happens if that goes down. I'll probably be too busy shooting stuff to write much.

War Coverage on TMC:
Gallente/Minmatar JTF Invades Caldari Stronghold Oct. 11-14th
Heydieles Falls, Gal/Min JTF Advances on OMS Oct 14th
Old Man Star Falls: Gal/Min Offensive Continues Oct. 14th-16th

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