Friday, September 13, 2013

Grr Goons: A Conspiracy Theory

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This posting is meant to be a bit tongue in cheek, though I have to admit I'm a bit surprised someone hasn't put this one up for reals yet.

Before I delve into this posting, first you may need some background. Poetic Stanziel did a pretty good job covering the recent change to the Terms of Service and will give you some background and insight into it. If you prefer to go directly to the source without getting someone else's frosting glazed all over it, you can find CCP's announcement HERE, along with an ever-growing threadnought HERE.

How about some gravy for the brain?
I'm personally quite shocked that no one has made the obvious connection. 1 month ago, on August 12th, reported the opening of a new CFC rental empire. Part of that announcement was The Mittani letting his fellow goons know the following:

"Ain't gonna sugar coat this one. As a matter of policy, we do not allow people to present themselves as diplomats for the purposes of scamming. In the same vein, goons are henceforth forbidden from presenting themselves as "rental managers" or basically anything else. In fact, rental scams are just outright banned from now on.
Let me repeat that.
Rental Scams are forbidden, effective immediately."
Not even a month later, on September 9th, CCP updates their naming policy, adding the following line:

"You may not impersonate or falsely present yourself to be a representative of another player, group of players, character or NPC entity."

Coincidence? We ought to know better than this by now. Something underhanded and behind the scenes has obviously begun to rear it's head. The timing is just about right, taking a few weeks to cut through some corporate red-tape, and BLAMO! Goons don't have to handle this stuff internally anymore, dragging their misguided offenders out behind the shed for an Old Yellering. Now they can just drop a petition on their own membership, or anyone else trying to cut into their rental profits by scamming the masses as a "representative" of CFC Rental Properties.

Hey Boss, we got a problem with some rental scammers.
Of course, CCP have come forward to say that this is a change in wording only, and enforcement of the policy or it's intent have not changed. Well, let me float this one at you: before the CFC rental empire was announced, rental scams were both common place and encouraged. Now it's a business, and you can't have rental scams if you're going to be a legit landlord.  If I have been scammed I may have very little recourse, and plenty of people have lost billions on these scams, rest assured. What happens when you're scamming on my behalf though and ruining MY good name (or in this case, the CFC's good name)? That's a different petition entirely, and perhaps one that has only recently cropped up, in say, the last month or so.

The argument could be made that rental scamming while passing yourself off as a CFC rental agent is doing more than scamming one individual, but also costing the CFC potentially Billions... a CFC with members on the CSM and a bent ear with CCP. I'll leave the rest for you to put together dear reader, but it shouldn't be hard from here.


  1. I blogged about the same a few days ago. It's really interesting and I really really hope theres no connection....

  2. The connection was made pretty much right away:

  3. If there is a connection, it is the folks at CCP going..

    "Hey, we've always wanted to put a kaibosh on this. But didn't want the CFC to blast the crap out of the forums yet again. But since they went ahead and cut off their own membership from this particular thing. Let's codify it. We'll just have all the other yahoos to deal with. But I think we have enough customer support staff to manage that."

    I still have a huge supply of IEEE Branded Official Tinfoil Hats (tm) in a warehouse somewhere for folks who really think that there is more of a connection than what I just offered.

  4. Yes you caught us. Unfortunately, we were foiled by enemy agents within CCP, as it has been clarified more than once now that a goon posing as a rental manager for goonfleet would be legit.

    (realpost: Poe's roundup was, as usual, awful.)

    1. Interesting. I suppose you guys have ways of dealing with such things internally at least. Would it be correct to assume that someone who was not a part of CFC attempting a rental scam on behalf of the CFC could be petitioned under this? Say someone in the OLD Goon alliance that was stolen some time ago?

    2. No, because the CEO of the executor corp of said alliance has been long since banned. ;) But in a general sense, yes. The goon claiming to be a goon rental manager (even though he's not) would be fine, but someone in another group, such as the old goon alliance, would not be fine.

  5. CCP has always served the greater power block in Eve, ALWAYS. Remember BoB and the BPO drama? Goons entered Eve in mass and continue to rule due only to their communities strength in numbers and PLEX. But because of their success, CCP has grown to serve their interests. The problem with that is that they are building a game that only THEY like to play. Eventually CCP is going to realize they've solely served a community that will disappear once the targets are gone. And lets face it, CCP is running off all their targets by serving their isolated community directly.

  6. It is so cute, the Goons growing up and all...