Tuesday, May 6, 2014

One Team, One Dream

Going to be a short post today, just a quick update on CSM 9 as it stands now.

We're on day 3 of CSM 9, and as of yet, none of the new members have seen or signed any NDA docs, so we're not privvy to any CCP super secret stuff we can't divulge yet. Some private skype channels have been set up, one for both CSM 8 and 9 for a smooth transition. A second channel is just those on CSM 9, and so far one shocking development has come from that channel that I'm able to discuss.

After some great discussion, it was decided that CSM 9 will be the first CSM with no officers or titles*. One Team, One Dream. That doesn't mean we're going to be all huggy, hand holdy, and in agreement with each other at all times. What it does mean is that we're going to be focused on working together to help make Eve a better game, without concern for arbitrary titles that don't mean much at the end of the day aside from acting as ePeen enlargement cream.

I have seen some concerns leveled by some members of the community regarding: "But then who does what?" I expect that as certain projects and situations arise, roles for those specific things will be assigned or volunteered for on a case by case basis.

I'm sure other members will have more to say in the coming hours/days. Thus far, the only other thing I have to report is that everyone seems to be meshing well, and the members of CSM9 seem to all be in really good spirits and looking forward to getting to work sometime in the very near future.

*It was decided that should anything go wrong this term, we will simply blame Xander for it. With the elimination of all other titles, it's still in discussion if that will also include Scapegoat.


  1. Remove the Permanent Member titles too. Make the trips to Iceland 100% based on merit throughout the term.

    Oh. Wait. Ali and Sion would never vote to remove those. Titles have no actual benefit, while free trips do, even if the permanent member slacks off.

    1. You do realize CCP is the one that came up with the Permanent Member title and it's benefit, not the CSM, right?

  2. I'm sure we in the audience will come up with our own opinions about who the first among equals is over time.

    Also, I cannot stop reading that logo as "One One Team Dream!" Go me.

    1. Damn it. Now I see that too.

    2. Yeah, same on the logo. Needs to be changed to how humans read, right to left :)

      I hope you can make the no titles/no officers thing work. My experience has been that if no one is officially responsible, the job tends not to get done, but maybe your group dynamic will be different :)