Thursday, September 5, 2013

What Eve's Music Should Be

I'm not sure if it's just that after 10 years the default music in Eve has just worn thin on me, but while Eve still does have sound for me in the form of it's sound effects, I have the music permanently muted at this point. I've had a few tracks of things I like to listen to while flying in space, but after coming across a track by Audiomachine on Pandora a few days ago, I had to find more.

While I would never expect someone to head out and grab an album just because I said it was awesome, I've found a youtube clip of the whole thing. Next time you're getting ready to undock, open this up in your favorite out of game browser. I don't care if you mission, mine, PvP, or whatever. This hour of music will up the level of epic experience by at LEAST 10 fold. Seriously. If anything, I think it ups my game when I'm in a fight, clarity of thought and all that. There are themes in here that would fit all of Eve's races, the only thing it's missing is some calm stuff to wind down to.

Let me know what you think. I don't know what this guy's price would be for CCP to get him to redo  the game music, but it would be worth it! Here is a link to the album on Amazon MP3 for easy downloading. I prefer them over iTunes due to the less restrictive DRM.


  1. You should check out my growing "EVE-ish" playlist on Spotify. ~CCP Manifest

  2. Excellent, just downloaded on iTunes, he's done quite a few albums in the same genre.

  3. If you like Audiomachine you should also try Two Steps From Hell, especially the Invincible album. I am pretty sure this is the soundtrack used in the Bomber Bar youtube videos.

    1. I actually purchased that album about a week ago :) It's awesome!