Friday, February 15, 2013

Eve Radio Tournament Special!

As I mentioned in an earlier posting lauding the return of the duel mechanic, this blog post will serve as a description of the upcoming event, and the rules as we're laying them out.

On Feb. 22nd, we will be doing a 4 Hour Audio and HD Video Broadcast Special on Eve Radio from 2200-0200. I'll be joined by the usual suspects, Doc Nielsen the Duke of Denmark, and Elijah Ghost, Ireland's own Special Snowflake. We will also be blessed with the anointed presence by CCP Masterplan, the Mastermind behind the return of the dueling mechanic.

Place: Tekaima - Concord highsec. 0.6 Security.
Date: Feb. 22nd-23rd
Time: 22:00-02:00 GMT

Tuning In: Spectators may point their web browsers to
Audio Only: The tournament, commentary and music will be broadcast on the Prime radio stream which should begin playing once you load the web page.
HD Video Streaming: Normally only available to Eve Radio Premium Supporters, 1080p HD video of the tournament will be will be available for EVERYONE wishing to watch us live for this special event. We have the capacity for several hundred HD viewers from our in-house streaming service, but if thousands attempt to tune in, we may have to downgrade the video stream to accommodate everyone. Eve Radio premium supporters will have priority access to the HD stream should our bandwidth get maxed out. The video feed will be found at

  • Winning Team: 25 PLEX, supplied by CCP. Thanks guys!
  • Runners up: 4 Plex (5 if we have 4 teams of 5) + a couple of unfit faction Cruisers TBA.
  • Pilot to get pwnd hardest within 1st 3 matches as determined by CCP Masterplan: Caracal hull.
  • Pilot doing most damage on a single kill report: 50 million.

Current Teams Signed Up:
Team - Captain
1: Monkeys with Guns.
2: Glass Wings 
3: Space Naggers
4: Our Own Team, with Blackjacks and Hookers
5: The Winning Team
6: Spaceship Marauders
Alternate 1: Available
Alternate 2: Available
Alternate 3: Available

Tournament format: Red Rover (explained below)
  • Teams: This tournament has a maximum capacity for 6 teams of 4. If we only get 5 teams signed up, then it will still be teams of 4. 4 team sign ups will be teams of 5. I suggest having a team of 6 ready to go in case one of your pilots can't make it at the last minute for some reason. We will allow teams to sign up past the 6 as alternates in case a team does not show up, or shows up without a full roster. A team showing up without the requisite number of pilots will be replaced with an alternate team.
  • How to Sign Up: Your team captain must send an eve-mail to DJ FunkyBacon with a name of your team. A final roster of up to 6 pilots will be due by 22:00 GMT on Feb. 21st, also by eve-mail to DJ FunkyBacon. Teams need not be made up of one corp or alliance.
  • Refundable Entry Fee: 100m ISK, to be returned when your team shows up to fight, and completes the tournament honorably, win or lose. Entry fee must be received along with the eve-mail to DJ FunkyBacon. If a team fails to show up to the tournament, or shows up with less than a full roster, they will be replaced with one of the alternate teams if one is available. The 100m ISK will then be transferred to the alternate team as a bonus for filling the dead slot.
  • Eligible Ships and Fits: Each team may field only 1 of each type of eligible ship from the following list: Moa, Caracal, Thorax, Vexor, Omen, Maller, Rupture, Stabber. Any fitting is legal, if you can fit it, you can fly it. We also have no rules against any types of implants or Booster Drugs. Off grid boosters will not be permitted. All teams will be together in the same fleet, though in separate squads. Each team will be able to select a squad leader for leadership boosts.

The Red Rover Tournament:
RRTs are a tournament type we developed on the show with the old can flip mechanic, and will translate well into the new Dueling system.
  1. Teams will be labeled for the purposes of matches, A, B, C, D,  E. and F. Match 1 will consist of A vs B, M2 C vs D, M3 E vs F and so forth.
  2. The tournament will take place at a planet in system that will be announced at the time of the show. A jet can will be dropped by the Eve Radio crew, known hereafter as "The Can". Each team will stage itself in a group together no less than 10km from The Can, and no more than 15km from The Can.
  3. The first team will select a Pilot/Ship on the opposing team to fight. The second team will then select a pilot/ship from the first team to fight. The match will be between these 2 individual pilots.
  4. The chosen pilot from the 1st team will issue a duel challenge to the 2nd team pilot. Once it is accepted, the pilots will confirm in local with a call of "Ready" or "RDY" A local count down will be given (probably by CCP Masterplan) of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, FIGHT! at which point both pilots are free to engage. If either pilot moves away from their team, or engages before the FIGHT! command is given in local, that pilot will forfeit the match and be eliminated from the tournament.
  5. Once the fight begins, both pilots must stay within 50km of The Can. One of the tournament crew will be assigned the task to monitor this distance. If a fighter goes beyond 50km of The Can, they will have forfeited the match, and will be eliminated from the tournament.
  6. Once a fight has started, a timer of 10 minutes will be called.
  7. Victory will be determined when one pilot is either destroyed, or leaves the field of battle through warping away, or moving beyond 50km from The Can. If neither ship has been destroyed or otherwise eliminated from the match at the end of the 10 minute timer, BOTH ships will be eliminated from the tournament. If this happens in the final match, the winning team will be determined by whichever team has inflicted more total damage based on kill reports from the tournament. Please note, that if a match is won without actually killing the opponent, no damage can be counted for that match, thus it is in each teams interest to win as many matches by kills as possible.
  8. The victor of a match will return to his team grouping point and will continue to be eligible to fight for his team. The loser will be eliminated from his team, and ineligible for any further fights.
  9. Once all the ships/pilots on a team have been eliminated, that team is out. The tournament will continue with any remaining teams, until all but 1 team has been eliminated.
  10. The final remaining team will be the victor.

LarkinAlpha will be making a return to The Show as Bacon's Bookie for this tournament. Anyone in eve may place bets on any team EXCEPT tournament participants, who may only bet on their own team. Bets are placed by sending money to Bacon's Bookie with the name of the team a bettor is betting on in the reason field. Bets must be in multiples of 1 Million ISK, and there is no limit. Odds are determined on a rolling basis based on the total distribution of ISK placed on teams, and will change constantly until betting is closed at 23:00 GMT at the start of the tournament. Payment will be made after the final match has concluded based on final odds of the winning team. For example, a team with odds of 4.35 on them at the close of betting will pay out 4.35 Million ISK for each million bet on them.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kelduum, "John" and the Aftermath.

Before you read this posting, make sure you catch up with my last one or you might lose some context or not really know what's going on.

As I said yesterday, there is some precedence for CCP to break silence on a ban if enough fuss is kicked up, and the result is usually like someone getting run over by a bus.

I hate to reuse an image, but... BEEP BEEP.

Life Under the Bus

This Eve University scandal seems to be the event of the day. I'm going to assume that if you're here, you've already read Kelduum Revaan's Posting on the Eve University forums. If you haven't, please read that first.

All done? Excellent! Now some advice for Kelduum:

Stop. Quit while you're ahead buddy, because there's only 2 ways this ends. Bad, and worse.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Making Friends and Influencing People Poetically

I got to read a short and somewhat angry blog post this morning. Had I been finger painting at the time (something you should never do while reading something by Poetic Stanziel or Ripard Teg/Jester) I would be washing a big hand print off my face right now instead of writing this entry.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Are You Not Entertained?!

I live in low sec. There are a lot of people who need to die out here, and it just so happens that CONCORD does not agree with me a lot of the time. I won't be going to high sec anytime soon, so for my main at least, the dueling feature coming up on the 19th holds little value.

For DJ FunkyBacon and other folks at Eve Radio, this feature could not come soon enough.

Friday, February 8, 2013

There are no Dragons in Space

When I made the decision to start up a blog to cover my thoughts on Eve, I had many things cross my mind as topics to cover. Before I get to any of that stuff though, I think it'll be important to have something here, at the beginning, for people to reference and go back to when they are reading some convoluted post I make in the future, and they ask themselves, "Who the fuck IS this guy?!?!?!?!" 

Allow me to introduce myself for those not yet acquainted. You can call me FunkyBacon.