Thursday, November 26, 2015

Podcast: Reddit vs TMC Drama Special Edition

When we were setting forth our procedures for the new podcast, we included a special provision. Should anything of note happen in Eve, we would need to be able to jump in motion, get guests together, review the issue, and crank out a cast, start to finish, in under 24 hours. In 9 years of Eve Radio, I can count maybe a half dozen times where we had to break from routine to cover some major drama. While this week would not rank at the top of that notable list, we certainly didn't expect to have to test our rapid release provision before we even got to our 3rd episode.

For the download of this Special Edition I will point you over to the good folks at Eve-Radio that have graciously offered to host our cast and have solid enough bandwidth to handle a metric fuck ton of downloads.

You can download the podcast and read their introduction HERE.

In the cast, I promised to provide links, and an outline, so those following along could reference the conversations and articles mentioned in the cast. I'll paste that below in just a moment.

I want to finish this posting by pointing out that we did attempt to get Sion Kumitomo on with us to give us an Imperium perspective on happenings. He was out on the road today, and given the extreme short notice was unable to join us. Given that we did not really get to talk to anyone from that side of the fence directly, I feel it's only fair to extend an invitation for a one on one followup to this podcast so their side of things can also be aired. We did our best to find balance in our coverage, but definitely felt their presence lacking.

Week 3 Special Edition - Outline and Links 

  1. Introductions.
  2. Eve Reddit drama Bomb. Fountain War Book kickstarter has reached a boiling point. 11 days left, 703 backers as of this morning, 37,000 raised of $150,000 despite constant promotional efforts by TMC.
  3. Endie has “private” conversation with Xander Pheona of Crossing Zebras.
    1. Xander shares with Niden
    2. ???
    3. Conversation put up on pastebin then leaked to reddit.
    4. GG. Xander is very sorry, feels like a dickface.
    5. This is the article being discussed in the log:
  4. “Grey Market” RMT allegations against TMC as a result.
    1. Talking with Nosy on twitter, seems Endie just confirmed what “everyone already knew”. Concerns that Endie was trolling Xander, spoke to him specifically because he knew the convo would get leaked.
  5. CCP Falcon tells redditors CCP does not investigate RMT allegations posted on reddit threads. Please submit tickets!
  6. Sion writes a thing on TMC: Reddit sucks, stop abusing Jeff Edwards, you’re killing the game we’re trying to help! Reddit response if you dare to read:
  7. Is Sion/TMC burning bridges or is reddit? What is really going on here?

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  1. Good listen! It's nice to hear your voice again Funky.