Thursday, March 13, 2014

FW Fits: The Plex Brawler Algos

Greetings space friends! I haven't given up the goods on any of my favorite fits in a while, so here's one I've been having a lot of fun with lately: The Plex Brawler Algos.

The Majestic Algos: Lion in the Tall Grass.
First, what she's not; fast. In fact, I can only think of 1 or 2 battleship fits I fly sometimes that have a lower max speed than this thing (593 cold, 751 with heat, and I have a 3% overall speed implant along with a 5% AB/MWD speed implant). The guns can't hit past 6700m, and if you get neuted out, just hope your drones can finish the job.

As a fleet support ship she's terribad. You've got some damage projection with drones, but the vast majority of her abilities are wasted on a spread out fight. What if you knew exactly where your target was going to land out of warp though? What if you didn't need to chase someone down? Welcome to Factional Warfare plexing, where as long as you get in first, your enemy will be landing right on top of you!

This Algos puts out a staggering amount of DPS, surpassing some cruisers. When the heat is on, 447 DPS out of a ship this small is no joke. Even an afterburner fit frigate will seldom live long enough to burn away, and the Amarr god help him if he's got a MWD, it'll be over before it began. Face melting damage coupled with an 8k buffer tank means that she'll outlast almost any other destroyer, and you'll have a fighting chance against even some cruisers.

Click Image for full readable size.
Here's how she's kitted out (Disclaimer: I fly with Genolution CA-1 and CA-2 implants, they are cheap and worth the price. without them some things may need to be tweaked on this fit):

-High Slots: 5x Ion Blaster IIs (no trouble tracking fast frigates in range, even with Void)
-Mid: Tech 2 AB and Web, Meta Scram in this pic. with the genolutions, you should be able to fit a t2 scram, not sure why I didn't.)
-Low: T2 DCU and Drone Damage. 400mm Rolled Tungsten plate.
-Rigs: 2x Small Trimark Armor rigs, 1x Small Ancilary Current Router (or the 400mm plate won't fit)

-Drones: 2 Flights:
--Light: 5x Warrior IIs Good for chasing off faster kitey ships. With the algos's drone speed bonus, they do over 7k/s
--Tiger Wing: 2x Hammerhead II, 3x Hobgoblin II.

Don't get too excited, that's a belt rat raven exploding.
I've taken her 2v1 against other brawling ships and come out clean, if a little on fire and in need of nanite paste. As a solo boat she works extremely well if you can understand your weaknesses and those of your enemy. In small groups, anyone dumb enough to warp into you will never know what hit them.

If you're actually in FW, and know some DUST people, it might even pay to pack a few rounds or orbital ammo for some light crop dusting and bonus LP. She'll do a little less damage on the ground than a Catalyst on account of 5 turrets instead of 8, but that's another situation in FW where 9 times out of 10 your enemy lands right on top of you expecting a stabbed LP farmer, not a lion waiting in the tall grass.

Overall, in her niche role, she's a superstar and definitely worthy of consideration.


  1. Personally I would suggest keeping the scram as a best-named one, and even 'down'-grading the web to a Fleeting (meta4) - meta 4 modules can be heated for longer, and for a ship like this you probably will want to be overheating your web and scram to get that little bit of extra range out of them.

    Otherwise T2 and best named are functionally identical, with the only real differences being heat damage amount and rate, and fitting costs. Range is the same. T2 just often cost less since they can be manufactured, and named modules have to be farmed off of NPCs, slightly inflating their price.

    1. Yeah, the fleeting disruptor costs about 3x as much as the T2 if I recall, and is a great buy if you want that extra bit of heating. I had a J5B on this one, which I can't really remember why. Thankfully an AB doesn't cause even half the heat damage of a MWD and has a longer cycle time.

    2. likely CPU costs. in addition to the heating properties, the meta 4 stuff uses quite a bit less CPU. the J5B actually uses 1 less CPU than the faint espilon (28 and 27 respectively), which may be why you chose it.

      also, you should only need a 2% engineering implant if you dont use geno's. 10m versus 50m last i checked (which was a while ago).

    3. The engineering implant is slot 6 though, I have a 3% ship speed in there. Plus, it's not null sec, so I lose a pod about once a year, else Genos would be out the window.

    4. fair enough; the bulk of my experience in fitting theory is nullsec and largescale concept based. my main thought was for the random newbro, save them a buck or two, maybe enough for an extra algos to go out and have more fun in.

    5. Oh, fear not. Wait till you see tomorrow's post if you want some PVP on a budget.

  2. Come on Bacon, it's tomorrow allready. Moar FW fits please! :)