Saturday, March 8, 2014

On the (Campaign) Trail

So here we are a couple weeks into my run for CSM9. Initial responses to my announcement were positive... in fact, nothing negative came my way. I imagine that may change over time, but for now, the challenge has been one of getting the message out.

While far more people know me as FunkyBacon than as Mirana Niranne, unless you're a devout follower of the show, you may not know exactly why I'm running or what my platform is. Any candidate list that someone might peruse looking for who to put on their voting list has Name, Corp/Alliance. In short, DJ FunkyBacon, Eve Radio Corporation, No Alliance doesn't say much.

I'm going to have to take a look at a few more ways to get the word out and get some exposure for this campaign. any ideas would be appreciated. I've started the rounds, guesting on Podcasts with an appearance on Legacy of a Capsuleer and Podside #183. I've also got an interview scheduled tonight with Cap Stable.

Since my Eve experience runs pretty far back, most of the shows I've been guesting on have a lot more to talk about than just my CSM9 candidacy, and they're tending to run fairly long. Plus I have the ability to talk... a lot... about just about anything Eve related. I haven't decided yet if this is an advantage or a disadvantage over other candidates who don't have much else to talk about besides their CSM campaign and can get everything in in a half hour.

I've also been watching Sugar Kyle's campaign with a lot of interest. She's the only other serious looking lowsec candidate at this point, and if the election runs similar to how it was run last year, I think there may be a window for us to be able to get 2 solid lowsec voices on the CSM if we can fire up our fellow lowsec dwellers and really get the vote out.

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